Should I wear makeup because I’m a feminist or in spite of being a feminist?


Women in the workplace face conflicting expectations when it comes to makeup, from what makes them comfortable personally to vague rules spouted by the media. I rifled through the internet and my own head to try and get a grasp on an… Continue Reading

An Exit Strategy for Palestine


As the Syrian refugee crisis unfolds, let’s to turn our attention to another group of refugees – the Palestinian refugees.   When asked how she would describe her life, Salwa Ahmed summarizes it in three words: “A refugee-camp life.” She… Continue Reading

The Non-Violence Project Film Series & More!


Meet the New School Non-Violence Project! Thanks to member and GPIA graduate student Elyse Greenblatt, The New Context learned a lot about this wonderful student organization. 1. When did the NVP start? And what is your mission? The New School Non-Violence… Continue Reading

Has the UN Global Compact succeeded? What if it is failing?

logo_UN_Global_Compact - Copy

After an introduction to the United Nations Global Compact (UN GC) in 2013 at the UN school of Multilateral Diplomacy, I became a fan of the United Nations and was impressed by the idea of having a Corporate Social Responsibility… Continue Reading

From Grad Student To International Journalist, Marc Perry Shares His Story


A Day In The Life is an ongoing TNC series where professionals in the International Affairs field share their inspirational journeys to GPIA students. Meet Marc Perry, an international journalist, writer, and photographer.  My journey began on holiday in Greece, during the height… Continue Reading

Neoliberalism and The Failure of the Arab Spring

Egyptian soldiers stand guard near the Republican Guard headquarters, where former President Mohamed Morsi was thought to be held July 2013. (Ed Giles/Getty Images)

The neoliberal economic restructuring of Middle Eastern and North African economies laid the foundations for the Arab uprisings in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis. After decades of dropping trade barriers, lowering wages, and de-industrialisation, Arab governments had stripped… Continue Reading