From Grad Student To International Journalist, Marc Perry Shares His Story


A Day In The Life is an ongoing TNC series where professionals in the International Affairs field share their inspirational journeys to GPIA students. Meet Marc Perry, an international journalist, writer, and photographer.  My journey began on holiday in Greece, during the height… Continue Reading

Neoliberalism and The Failure of the Arab Spring

Egyptian soldiers stand guard near the Republican Guard headquarters, where former President Mohamed Morsi was thought to be held July 2013. (Ed Giles/Getty Images)

The neoliberal economic restructuring of Middle Eastern and North African economies laid the foundations for the Arab uprisings in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis. After decades of dropping trade barriers, lowering wages, and de-industrialisation, Arab governments had stripped… Continue Reading

The Confederalists: a Kurdish movement bolsters women and bashes the West


“While the world is discussing what to do with ISIS, Kurdish women are doing it.” Dilar Dirik cried in a September 2014 speech about theories of statelessness at a European conference. Dirik, a PhD candidate at Cambridge, used the speech to give… Continue Reading

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Enters Uncharted Territory


On Tuesday, the UN Security Council failed to pass a resolution on Palestinian statehood. Wednesday the Palestinian Authority moved to join the International Criminal Court. Thus begins a chain of events that is unlikely to lead to a positive outcome anytime soon, but which… Continue Reading

The Resurgent GCC & The Fight for the Future of the Middle East


War in Syria and Iraq has upset the traditional balance of power in the Middle East. In the short term this has already led to some fascinating developments and political realignments. While there is broad agreement that the only solution… Continue Reading

ISIS and the Neoliberal State

Aleppo after a barrel bomb hit a residential area in Feb 2014. Per Freedom House via

The Universal State and the Universal Threat The rise of the Islamic State has united the various actors in the Middle East and North Africa that are otherwise fighting tooth and nail against each other throughout the scorched battlefields of… Continue Reading

Politicized Approaches to the ISIS International Security Crisis

Source NBCnews

The world is currently facing a new critical security issue represented in the rise of the terrorist organization “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS). In this article I investigate the politicized approach of defining “terrorism,” and I argue that… Continue Reading